Sevanny Campos

Sevanny Campos is a recent journalism graduate looking to update her portfolio for future employment.

Project Overview

Problem: Portfolio is old and tacky and doesn't showcase my writing very well.

Solution: Design a website that is clean, professional, and modern to attract more job offers.


Web Designer


2 Weeks


Figma, Pexels

Design Process


Interviewing the Client

I met with the client, Sevanny Campos, and software engineer I was working with in order to get a better understanding of the scope and goal of the project. The meeting was an hour long over Zoom and consisted of the client letting me know what she liked and disliked about the current design of their portfolio and what style direction they wanted to take with the newly designed portfolio. Some key insights that I gained from the interview are the following:

During this meeting, I also went over several examples of portfolios made by journalists with the client to gauge what type of layout the client would prefer for her portfolio.

Journalist Portfolio Example One

Journalist Portfolio Example Two

Journalist Portfolio Example Three

Journalist Portfolio Example Four

After going through these examples, the client decided that she really liked the third layout and I proceeded to move forward with this layout in mind.

Define and Ideate

Mood Board

To help further narrow down the design direction I wanted to use for the design, I decided to create a mood board. I first wrote down themes I thought the client would like to be present in the new design of her portfolio based off of the initial interview I had with the client. Then, I found two fonts that I thought best fit these themes: one display font and one text font. Next, I chose colors based off of the ones suggested by the client in our interviews. And finally, I chose several photos from Pexels that helped convey the design direction I would move forward with for the project.

I presented this mood board to the client, and the mood board was approved. With this information in mind, I started to build wireframes to develop a layout for the client that fit Sevanny's needs and solves her pain points with her current portfolio layout.

Prototype and Test


I created a wireframe of the client's portfolio using Figma, in order to finalize a layout that best suited the client's needs gathered from the initial interview. The client wanted the portfolio to showcase their work, who they were, and provide an easy form to contact the client, and they wanted the majority of this information to be on a singular page.

After the client approved of these wireframes, I started to design the final mockup of the portfolio that brought in the previous design choices.

Final Mockup

With the wireframes and previously created mood board in mind, I developed this final mockup of the front page of the client's portfolio.

This design was sent off to the software engineer to develop the design into a fully functioning website for the client.

Next Steps

After creating these designs, I would love to test out the design on hiring managers and/or hiring recruiters in the journalism industry with a usability test. Based on the results from these tests, I would develop revised versions of the design to better showcase Sevanny's work. Additionally, I would love to make wireframes and mockups for a mobile version of the portfolio so that it's accessible on different types of devices.

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